UR-OTO is part of the great and universal Hermetic movement that has been active in all ages.

Under the style and title UNITED RITES of the Ancient Order of Oriental Templars, several Lodges emanating from the former Ordo Templi Orientis reorganized and constituted a CONFEDERATION — where the adopted Rites are mutually recognized and worked in a true spirit of Respect. This confederation is an International Organization and is referred to as UR-OTO.

As far as it can be commonly understood, UR-OTO is concerned with friendship or, using a special word for this, Amicitia. From its activities one may discover much of its character and aims.

It means bringing together various Traditions or OTO Lineages, all of them united under the bonds of Amicitia. No more ‘one-and-only-OTO’ dictatorships, no ONE-School of Magick... just a group of Lodge-Masters or Mistresses having their own traditions, rituals, and temples. The idea is to bring all these Lodges and systems together, so that we all can learn from each other, at least tolerating the other’s rituals.